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vendredi 13 juillet 2012

Wind and lights in the branches

" Bien qu'il n'y eût pas un souffle d'air, tous frémirent autour d'elle.
Le bruissement de leurs feuilles ressemblait à des mots.
Le rossignol arrêta de chanter, comme s'il voulait écouter.
Lucy sentit que, d'un moment à l'autre, elle commencerait
à comprendre ce que les arbres essayaient de lui dire.
Mais ce moment ne vint pas. Le bruissement s'évanouit.
Le rossignol reprit son chant. Et, même dans le clair de lune,
le bois retrouva un aspect plus ordinaire. "

(Clive Staple LEWIS, Le Prince Caspian )

Human kind ! Who can see the light in the distance ?
Can we hear in the deepest woods the slow trees' song,
Whispers of fears and regrets ? Can we know their dance,
When full of winds, they quietly moove, proud and strong ?

Fed from earth and water, breathing daylight and life ;
Teached by the moon, speaking with stars, they are pillars
From the past, with leaves as bright as an elvish knife
Or shield. Soldiers and artists are oaks and poplars…

Alone I was, roaming between forest and sea,
Which were both shaded by the blue light of a star…
Weakness was in my chest, and in my heart a scar.

I hoped to understand their secrets, far from lawn ;
But now I have found another path. For the dawn
Wakes me up… And by the hills, I will come to thee.